With many years’ experience of different kinds of spatial data projects, geographic information systems and, of course, maps, Karttakeskus is a seasoned spatial data professional. We are Finland’s biggest company focused on spatial data services and a technologically independent provider of spatial data solutions. Karttakeskus is a subsidiary of the Finnish Affecto Group.

Our comprehensive range of services and appreciation of changing business environments and digitalization form a package that others in the industry cannot offer. From extensive IT solutions and services to analytics, consulting, materials and outsourcing services. From road maps and nautical charts to a wide range of other useful products related to spatial data, in both digital channels and traditional equipment. We enable our customers to manage all of their spatial data-related affairs through a single partner.

Karttakeskus was established in 1919 as a department of the then National Land Survey Agency. The roots of digital spatial data operations lie in the advancement of digital production technology in the late 1970s and, among other things, the FINGIS software developed by the National Land Survey Agency and Karttakeskus in the 1980s. MapInfo software was included in the Karttakeskus product range in 1989, and in the 1990s, we implemented several spatial data solutions based on it.

Following a number of developments over the years, Karttakeskus ended up in the ownership of Affecto. It is currently a subsidiary of the Finnish Affecto Group.

Why choose Karttakeskus?

For the simple reason that our professional skills are top of the line, even on the international scale, and because our experience in solutions implemented for different industries is second to none. In addition to our professional skills and experience, we also understand the realities of our customers’ business operations and the entirely new growth potential created by digitalisation. We are in the vanguard of change.

This is why we have the ability to see the entire spectrum of possibilities than can benefit our customers. Karttakeskus is also the right choice because we always provide our customers with quality, in terms of both content and operations. This is why we are a pioneer in our industry.

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