Geographic information system (GIS) 

Geographic information systems from smaller needs to large-scale and complex solutions

Whether it is a question of a small-scale need related to an isolated piece of spatial data needs or a full-scale GIS, Karttakeskus’ many years of experience make it a reliable partner in supplying a Geographic information system. In addition to spatial data related skills, we possess wide-ranging competence related to cutting-edge IT technologies and advancement.

Karttakeskus is a technologically independent service provider, meaning that always we select the solution that best fits the situation at hand and deliver it reliably, regardless of whether we are talking about a commercial product, an open-source code solution or a combination of the two. This saves you the trouble of having to adapt to a particular piece of software or application, because we adapt to your needs instead. We also offer services in system maintenance and further development.

Our options for the starting point of a GIS implementation include the Karttakeskus Location Suite, Esri ArcGIS and options with fully open source codes. If these products as such are not the best solution, we can customise the GIS according to your needs.

Our IT project deliveries and services comply with the certified Affecto Quality Frame (AQF), which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

Agile GIS?

Karttakeskus Location Suite

A versatile platform suitable for even large-scale organisations

Karttakeskus Location Suite is a versatile and flexible platform compiled from the market’s leading open-source code and commercial products.

An open source geographic information system

A GIS solution based on open-source code products

A geographic information system can be implemented entirely with open-source code products and components.

Esri ArcGIS solutions

Esri ArcGIS solutions from Karttakeskus

The ArcGIS Platform provides products for the implementation of applications customised for everything from workstation and server to mobile and cloud environments.


From simple visualisations to large-scale geographic information systems

CARTO is a flexible spatial data analytics and visualisation solution based on an open-source code that can also be delivered from a cloud.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes solutions with more than 20 years of experience

Pitney Bowes is a customer communications technology provider whose best-known spatial data processing solution is MapInfo.


Collect information effortlessly with mobile devices

Fulcrum is a cloud-based, easy-to-use tool designed for the collection of data with mobile devices.

A customised solution

A GIS solution based on best available components

If off-the-shelf products as such do not provide an ideal solution, we can customise the GIS according to your needs.

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