Maps and map products 

High-quality maps and map products to consumers and businesses

Karttakeskus has nearly a century of experience in mapmaking. We also produce various customised maps to be used in marketing by companies and associations. You can buy Karttakeskus maps and map products directly from our online Mapshop. For inquiries related to our customised map products, please email

Maps and map products

We publish and import maps and map products. This allows us to provide high-quality maps of Finland made by our own experts. The rest of our selection includes international road maps and atlases as well as travel guides to the most popular urban travel destinations.

Customer-specifically tailored maps

Custom-made maps to order, tailored to the customer’s individual needs, can be used for an organisation’s internal purposes, sold by the company itself or given as business gifts. We can produce maps to order in print or digital format, mobile solutions included. If required, we can supply printed maps to order as a comprehensive service, from the map’s design all the way up to printing and the organisation of logistics. We also take care of the design and implementation of travel brochures that contain map data on a turnkey principle.

Map data for publications

We supply our customers a variety of materials for digital and print publications. We can either deliver the map data alone or customise it according to our customer’s needs. If required, we can produce the entire publication, from design to printing.

Maps for interiors

We can deliver maps as large-format printouts to be used in the interior decoration of offices, for example. The map will be scaled to the width or height of your choice, with the other measurement determined in proportion to the first. The maximum length of the shorter side of a blown-up map is 152 cm. You can also order a framed blown-up wall map.