Spatial data and data services 

The materials and licences needed for geographic information systems (GIS) and location use

When you need materials to use in a GIS or spatial data analytics, for example, we can help you to find exactly the right materials easily and to select the licences that best serve your purpose. Our selection includes both quality materials of our own and the global materials of Google Maps, Bing maps and HERE, for instance. We also resell Maps4News licences in Finland.

Our cloud service makes distribution and delivery easy.

In addition to materials, Karttakeskus will provide you with licences for the materials, software and services of numerous international service providers.

We can also take care of the deployment of materials in geographic information systems and, when necessary, compile customised data packages for individual needs and maintain outsourced materials.

Spatial data sets

We will help you to select the right data and get your licence affairs in order.

We offer both high-quality domestic materials of our own and global materials in the form of files and in a cloud.

Software licences

Licences for the materials, software and services of international service providers.

Our long experience guarantees that you will find exactly the right licence for your needs.

Data services

Customised data packages for your individual needs.

By combining materials produced by us and provided by third parties, we can offer the best possible package.

Outsourced spatial data services

Effortless maintenance of spatial data through outsourcing

By outsourcing operations related to spatial data, you can take advantage of the latest, wide-ranging knowledge of spatial data.