Location intelligence and GIS solutions 

IT solutions, analytics and consulting for making the most of location data

Karttakeskus is a technologically independent system supplier. This means that we always select the system most compatible with your organisation’s goals and objectives. In other words, rather than you having to adapt your organisation to a new technology, we change according to your needs.

In addition, we can help you in the maintenance of IT solutions related to spatial data, and in the development of business analytics and consulting requirements related to spatial data.

The quality of our deliveries is ensured by the certified Affecto Quality Frame (AQF), which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. All of our IT project deliveries and services comply with the AQF. As part of Affecto Group, we can also take advantage of Affecto’s other skills.

IT solutions

Location information related IT solutions technologically independently

Our solutions are based on both open-source components and commercial products.

Maintenance services

Effortless solution maintenance and further development

We make sure that the service is available according to the agreed utilisation rate and that it develops in line with the customer’s needs.

Analytics and data visualisation

Better decisions through the use of location data

Spatial data analytics help companies to enhance the use of business data and introduce new perspectives into decision-making.

Consulting services

How to get more out of spatial data?

Karttakeskus' experienced location information and GIS experts can help you with everything to do with spatial data, including the selection of systems.